See the World Through My Eyes

Xeno's goal is to take the '-phobia' out of 'xenophobia' by letting our peers see the world through someone else's eyes

Our Mission

To provide the opportunities for understanding and connection between people and communities everywhere. As adolescents, we aim to build a foundation that let's our peers see the world through someone else's eyes.

Place Yourself Into the Perspectives of Others

Xeno provides an immersive, personal, and private experience that only VR can provide!

Don't have a VR device? Try our Web VR demo!

Web VR Demo

Want to Reach Out?

Interested in what we're trying to accomplish? If you want to participate in making videos, help get the word out to community organizations and schools, or want to provide advice or mentorship, feel free to contact us!

Spread the News

We always appreciate help with spreading the word about Xeno! Xeno is all about multiple perspectives, so getting people excited about creating content is a huge help